Handwriting & Signature Analysis Workshop

Learn the Art of Handwriting & Signature Analysis to Improve Your Life!


Date : Thursday, 18-APRIL-2024

Time : 6:30 PM

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For Whom Is This..

  • The workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to understand themselves better and improve their life

  • Working professionals can benefit by identifying strengths, career paths, and improving communication skills.

  • Homemakers can improve personal growth and relationships, and find hidden talents.

  • Students can improve academic performance, discover passions, and make informed career choices.

  • The workshop can help with stress, confusion, and difficulty in making decisions.

...then this is for you!


Join this "first of its kind" LIVE Masterclass designed for Trainers, Coaches & Professionals,
to take your life and career to new heights.

In This Training, You'll Discover...

Secret #1

Graphology analysis

How to analyze handwriting to reveal personality traits and tendencies.

Secret #2

Success catalyst

The impact of correct handwriting techniques on health, relationships, and personal success.

Secret #3

Signature insights

How to use signature analysis to gain insights into one's self-image, confidence, and communication style.

Meet Your Host

Manish Pahilajani

India's Leading Handwriting & Signature Analyst

Manish Pahilajani is India's Leading Handwriting & Signature Analyst with over 15 years of experience in the field of Graphology. He is the Founder of School Of Occult Science situated at New Delhi.

Manish is a Certified Graphologist and He has conducted numerous workshops and training sessions for individuals, schools, and corporate organizations. His expertise has been featured in various media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, and TV shows.

He has analyzed thousands of handwriting samples, helping individuals and organizations gain insights into personality traits, communication styles, and self-image.

He is on a Mission to empower individuals with the knowledge of Graphology and help them unlock their full potential. He believes that every person has a unique set of talents and abilities, and by understanding themselves better, they can achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life.

Transformative results that positively impact your health, relationships, and career.



Exclusive reviews


A Powerful Masterclass That Delivers Life Changing Results!

Ravina Kothari

"Meet Raveena, the Mom Who Discovered Her Passion for Handwriting Analysis"

I am Raveena..I was working in Accenture as a software engineer and then i got marriaged and after my child i quit my job and in my free time i had nothing to do then i got to know about Manish Ji graphalogy and handwriting analysis courses..It is such great courses that after doing this I able to understand so many behaviors of my near and dear ones. I am enjoying learning with Manish Ji. He is awesome and i feel there is so much more to learn from him. And now I am also try to analyze other people handwriting and BECOMING A PROFESSIONAL GRAPHALOGIST.🙂

Prashoon Agrawal

"Uncover the Hidden Truth: Prashoon Agrawal Shares his Insights on Graphology"

I came across Manish sir Graphology course few days ago and immediately I enrolled myself. What I learnt from this course is: You can know everything about person behavior and nature just by looking at the way he writes. I am really blessed to be a part of School of Occult science. I suggest all of you, who are watching my video or reading my review, to not to wait and take admission right away. Mnish Pahilajani School Of Occult Science has got lot to offer which can change your life by 360 degree. Thank you. And all the best :)

Sukriti Malhotra

"Sukriti Malhotra Shares her Astounding Experience with Wrist Watch Analysis"

Astounding experience! Never imagined in my life that our Wrist Watch can tell so much about our Personality and Intrinsic our nature. The best course I have attended in my life. Wrist Watch Analysis & Therapy is the best module to opt in. I haven't opted for Graphology course yet. But looking forward for the same, most probably by the end of this week I will enrol for that. My Heartfelt Gratitude to Manish Sir Ways of teaching and sharing his knowledge. I will definitely recommend these courses to everyone around me. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the purpose of the Handwriting & Signature Analysis Workshop?

The workshop aims to teach participants how to analyze a person's handwriting and signature to gain insights into their personality traits, behavior, and thought patterns.

Is the Handwriting & Signature Analysis Workshop suitable for beginners?

Yes, the workshop is designed to be accessible for beginners with no prior knowledge of handwriting analysis.

What kind of topics are covered in the Handwriting & Signature Analysis Workshop?

The workshop covers a wide range of topics such as the basic principles of handwriting analysis, signature analysis, understanding strokes and slants, and identifying common personality traits.

Do I need any special equipment to participate in the Handwriting & Signature Analysis Workshop?

No, you do not need any special equipment. Participants can use any writing instrument and paper to practice handwriting and signature analysis during the workshop.

Will it be a Practical know -how or Theory based Approach?

It will be completely Practical Approach based on the insights from 10 years of rich experience of the Host.

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